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Graja is a JUnit-PMD-Checkstyle-based grader for java programs submitted by students in formative and summative assessment. This site provides publications, software, and information about Graja.

System requirements

System requirements to execute Graja

  • Graja was tested on Linux. A development environment was successfully installed on Windows xp, Windows 7, Windows 8.1 and Windows 10.
  • JDK 11.X - Graja was tested with Orcale’s JDK and with the OpenJDK. Note, that a JRE will not suffice.
  • During installation any user that has permissions to read and write the installation files and directories will do.

On Linux, Graja will limit the disc space consumed by the Grader and the submission code. For this to work, the following additional requirements are needed:

  • bash, dd, mkfs.ext2, tar
  • an ANSI C compiler (and possibly the make tool) and root access.

System requirements to develop Graja assignments

If you want to use the prepared eclipse project to develop graja assignments, additionally:

  • eclipse with gradle 7.4.2
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